• Personal Trainer Level 3
  • Zumba Instructor
  • Boxing & Pad Specialist
  • Motivation and Lifestyle Coaching

Specialising in:

  • Nutrition and Weight Management
  • Functional Training
  • Body Transformation Specialist

About Me

My first client was myself. I weighed 13 stone and was a 16 dress size. It took me just under a year, but I got myself down to 10 stone 6lbs and a 8-10 dress size. 

I’m not like most personal trainers who come from sports background, I’m like you...Someone who wants to change their body/ get a bit fitter maybe drop a size or two. I know how it feels to look in the mirror and be unhappy with what you see or to walk up a flight of stairs and be completely out of breath.

The change your looking for is something that you can achieve. It’s not going to be easy...But if I CAN...YOU CAN!

I’m a Personal Trainer who gives that very personal touch. I will design and tailor make a workout and nutrition plan just for you, everyone is different so what works for one person isn’t necessarily going to work for another.

I will help you and support you in and out of our PT sessions especially when you’re in a restaurant and everyone is ordering cake!

Signing up with me is more than just an hour a week of intense exercise, it’s a journey that I will take you on to help create the ‘you’ you always wanted to be.

What my clients say

Having suffered with a life threatening eating disorder for most of my adult life and fluctuating between being clinically morbidly obese and clinically anorexic, I found my self heading back up the obesity route again. My body was broken, it’s metabolism dysfunctional and my self image, drive and belief in my ability to get fitter and healthier, shot down.

I was stuck in a perpetual cycle of losing through crash diets and then gaining again. I had restrictive and malnourished nutrition and close to no energy. Then I met Naomi. She is someone that I have come to trust 100% and with my history, this is unheard of. She has equipped and enabled me to begin a program of nutritional rebalancing and a work out program designed to help me lose my weight in a healthy and healing way which will be sustainable.

Only four weeks in my fitness levels are so much better, I have lost inches and my energy levels are sky high. She is always available and there when my self belief wavers and either gives me a reassuring hug or a kick up the bottom, depending on which I need. She is also very good at working around my ongoing back condition I have which gives me regular sciatica. I honestly believe that without her intervention, care and passion for what she believes in, I would be spiralling out of control once again. She has taken my hand and lead me through a new door, the choices I make are my own but she is honest, real and has a great understanding of weight loss and nutrition as she herself is proof that it works.

She gets stuck in and involved with every session and is a giggle at the same time. She motivates and empowers me to want to keep going. I’m feel utterly blessed to have crossed paths with her and I know that together, I can become the me I’ve always wanted to be . I owe her more than words can say.


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