“Seek, Plan, Execute, Conquer!”


  • REPs Personal Trainer Level 3
  • Fitness Instructor Level 2
  • Power Plate Level 1
  • Strength and Conditioning Coach

Specialising in:

  • Body Transformation (Fat loss, weight loss, increasing lean muscle mass)
  • Nutritional Coach
  • Boxing
  • Kyokushin Karate
  • Pad Work

About Me

Success is the reward for those that keep showing up even when it gets tough. I’m here to help you get those results - to keep trying even when it’s hard. To help you to keep pushing. Together, we’ll make sure that you aren’t one of those looking back and wishing they’d gone after what they want. Just imagine what you will feel like without the weight of feeling self-conscious about your body? 

I’ll help you to do the work to uncover the best version of yourself. Whether it’s getting through a tough workout, persevering with a professional goal, or overcoming an obstacle,
it all starts with your mind-set. A shift from failure to success. Training with me is not going to be easy. It may not always be fun. But believe me, if you do the work, there will be a time that you feel like you have created a sword inside yourself that can cut through life’s obstacles.
My programmes have led to numerous transformations over the years and I love to educate myself so that you always benefit from the latest trends and scientific findings in getting closer to your results.
If you’re ready for change, and the journey that leads to what you want, get in touch today

What my clients say

Elijah is the full PT package: he’s professional; he’s dedicated; he’s organised; he’s motivating; sometimes he’s even funny.

And his approach works - I noticed real body changes within 3 weeks.


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