Knowledge is power when it comes to your body and the more knowledge you have the better placed you are to ensure that you are doing all that you need to maintain a healthy lifestyle. It's not just top athlete’s who benefit from knowing their body's key stats; a good knowledge of yours will help to focus your workouts and mean you hit your own personal goals in less time.

The Boditrax scanning system is trusted by leading hospitals, universities, corporations, formula one, premier league football and other elite sports teams to deliver precision body composition and cellular monitoring data.

Measurements include:

  • Weight
  • Segmental Muscle & Fat
  • Intra and Extra Cellular Fluids
  • Skeletal and Abdominal Cavity Analysis
  • Metabolic Efficiency
  • Metabolic Age
  • Cellular Performance

Utilising an undetectable electric current, Boditrax will, In just 30 seconds, provide an analysis of your overall health and, utilising secure cloud based technology, offer a platform for you to track changes in your key areas moving forward. Because the analysis is so much more in depth than just measuring weight it will provide indispensable guidance for your workouts and dietary plans. It can sometimes feel like you are not making much progress, but through keying in your goals to Boditrax, you gain a clear visual representation of what you are working towards.

With many operators charging £25 - £30 per scan we are aware that this could be a significant outlay, albeit for incredibly valuable data, Boditrax themselves recommend 2 scans per month.

We have some great options available for our members:

Unlimited Boditrax Scans
12 Months £40
6 Months £25
3 Months £15

*Offer available to members only.

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