Cardio Equipment

The cardio equipment is the latest range from Matrix Fitness and as well as each piece having it’s own private screen and entertainment centre you can also plug your ipod into the equipment and listen to your favourite tunes or watch your favourite film. They even have a stand to hold your book or magazine if you prefer to read.

Technogym supply all the resistance equipment with their award winning range guaranteed to work every muscle group in your body safely and effectively.

Resistance Equipment

Our award winning range of equipment from Technogym & Matrix Fitness allows you to work each muscle or muscle group both independently and specifically to maximise your power concentration. Our wide range of equipment also includes free weight benches, pressing benches and cable assisted equipment not available to most gyms.

The impressive dumbbell range from 2K-50K allows rehabilitation practice and correction to movement patterns through to maximum lifting of major muscle groups.

To avoid the stresses often related to working-out in too close a proximity to others, the gym provides a free weights area, resistance training area, functional zone, and stretching area entirely separate to each other.

Specialist Zones


Boditrax will, in just 30 seconds, provide an analysis of your overall health and, utilising secure cloud based technology, offer a platform for you to track changes in your key areas moving forward.

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