A Hub Of Fad Free Fitness

The Bankside is a multi-gym that brings you unbelievable value. Our Fithub brings together best in class equipment, brilliant location and trainers who have the skill and desire to help you to make the most of your time working out.
We’ve been a busy gym for years for a reason. When you become a Bankside Member, you’ll enjoy a buffet of fitness. Pick your favourite workout or ramp up intensity, try something different, or rebalance. Do a class with other likeminded busy London commuters and residents. All included. 
Never be bored again.
Our yoga loft lifts you above the city with a range of holistic classes. Our workout zones will take you from a HIIT circuit to total body workout or cardio conditioning and beyond. Whether you are a cyclist, boxing beginner or prefer a social sweat, you’ll find what you need to get your blood moving.
We’re owned and managed by one of the longest standing independent fitness operators in London. Our heart is inseparable from the clubs we’ve built - providing exceptional value to the communities that we have our clubs in.
Less fads, more effect
The Bankside’s evolution over the years has always been rooted in delivering the best in class in group exercise and equipment. As you may have noticed, we take great pride in the quality of the people who are on our team - many of them have been with us for decades. So often, achieving fitness comes down to less fads, more effect.
The Bankside is ready for you - all the time. Access all the classes, all the workout zones. You’ll enjoy an outstanding facility that you can reach any of your fitness goals in. If you want something more specialised to develop your technique, performance, or help you to overcome something, we have the team to help you to reach that too.

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  • No Contract
  • 10 Workout Zones
  • Functional Area, Freeweights, Cardio Kit
  • Boxing Rig
  • Dedicated HiiT Circuit
  • 140+ Free Classes Per Week
  • Yoga Loft – Yoga, Pilates, Barre
  • Sauna
  • Steam
  • Free WiFi
  • Towels included on PLUS memberships

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